Savio Pham

Office: State Senate - Legislative District 38
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2018
City: Everett
State: Washington

Growing up in Saigon, Vietnam under Communist control, I witness firsthand life without basic human rights or freedom of speech, religion and opportunities. It was a life not worth living. Thus, like thousands of other refugees, I fled Vietnam in hope of having a life with freedom of speech, religion, and opportunities.

By the grace of God and those in power such as former Governor Dan Evan who share similar values of freedom and opportunities, Vietnamese refugees were welcomed to resettled in the United States. The moment I set foot on U.S. soil, I promised that I would live a life of capitalizing on all the opportunities that came my way, that I would never take freedom for granted, and that I will live a life of service to repay all the blessings I have been given.

In the last 28 years, I have embraced all available educational opportunities. With diligence and hard work, I earned 2 Bachelors, a MBA, and a doctoral degree in Management Organizational Leadership. During this time, I also immersed myself in community service at my local church and the community with special focus on activities and initiatives that support and mentors, give voices and presence to those marginalized.

I am a product of what the American Dream should be. I want to make sure that each person in the 38th Legislative District have access to all the opportunities and have the resources to live out their American Dream.

I am blessed with the support of my wife, Dr. Hong-Nhung Nguyen, a family physician and our son, Nathan, a student at the University of Washington.