Heather Thornton

Office: School Board
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2018
City: Alexandria
State: Virginia

Heather is seeking candidacy as a School Board Member for Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) in District C on the November 2018 ballot. Her education in Virginia's public school system gave the foundation and opportunities that have allowed her to graduate from high school and college with honors, study and work in 6 different countries, and continue to excel with professional experiences from the courtroom to the U.S. Embassy in Mozambique to the FBI.

As a candidate for the ACPS School Board, Heather will not only use her experiences in global diplomacy to work with the Board Members towards impactful changes, but she will also highlight all the wonderful things ACPS has done for her community’s youngest residents, and push for the equipment and supplies they need to succeed.