Greg Lamb

Office: Uintah County Attorney
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2018
City: Vernal
State: Utah

GREG makes a priority of being Responsive to clients, the community, and those impacted by crime and other consequential legal matters.

GREG believes that leadership is a privilege not a right. Greg seeks to listen and question. He will listen to people at all levels. Greg is Approachable, he is comfortable to talk to and mindful of the government's impact on others.

GREG has Vast Experience in the legal profession. Greg has handled heart wrenching litigation involving child victims of aggravated person crimes both as prosecuting attorney and Guardian ad Litem. As an attorney, Greg has handled every kind of criminal case as both prosecutor and defense attorney and has an Exemplary Record of taking cases to Successful Outcomes. Greg also served as counsel with the U.S. Department of HHS investigating and litigating agency violations of federal civil rights statutes and regulations.

GREG, as legal counsel, has always strived to be Open Minded, Thorough, Reasoned and Thoughtful in his analysis and views each case individually.

GREG has the ability to grasp the facts, the law, and Act Decisively, Rationally and Correctly.

GREG understands that as county attorney he will wear two hats - that of state's advocate and minister of justice. He knows he must balance the rule of law with Compassion.

GREG has a firm respect for our legal system, our form of government and the principles that are its foundation. He has committed himself to supporting those principles as a lawyer with the goal of achieving Fair and Just outcomes for those who appear before the tribunal.