Tom Ellis

Office: Mayor
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2018
City: Happy Valley
State: Oregon

As a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran I know the meaning of honesty, integrity and hard work. I believe Happy Valley is at a crossroads. We can go down the path of some cities where daily gridlock traffic, crime, mismanaged tax payer dollars, lack of adequate parks and recreation, and over development have become daily facts that have reduced the livability and quality of life. Or we can choose a different path and thoughtfully plan our future.

At the present time our development pace is outstripping the City’s infrastructure. Our roads, bridges, bike lanes, parks, schools and other amenities cannot keep up with development. In the next five years at least 2,500 households will be added to Happy Valley. How is infrastructure going to keep up? The answer is it cannot if we keep doing business as usual.

We have to think outside the box. I think of everyone that lives in Happy Valley as part of a team and as a team we can work together to keep Happy Valley the best place to live in Oregon. Please vote to make me the leader of our team.