Alicia Campos

Office: Florida House of Representatives, District 62
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2018
City: Tampa
State: Florida

Throughout her life, Alicia Campos has been determined to help those in need. By focusing on practical programs that bolster community and individual well-being, she has consistently brought hope and help to those around her. Alicia has been especially dedicated to bringing hope and help to women and girls. She is running for election to the Florida House of Representatives, District 62, with a commitment to work in partnership with her community to bring about policies and procedures to benefit everyone in her district. Alicia will bring to bear the persistence, education, training and experience of her life’s work to fulfil that commitment.

Alicia was born in Toledo, Spain, but at the age of twenty-four, chose to come to this country and become a citizen. When she came to the U.S., she originally lived in Philadelphia. Since she immigrated, she has also broadened her life experience by living in Mexico, Boston and New York City. She settled into West Tampa where she has lived with her family for the last seven years.
Inspired by the power of art to foster empowerment and change, she built her own business to do just that. Her successful art studio provides painting classes and painting parties for children as well as offering her own artwork for sale. Alicia has also written and illustrated popular bilingual children’s books. In addition, she uses her passion and expertise to volunteer for programs and causes that are important to empowering and enhancing her community.

Alicia earned a Masters Degree from Harvard University in Educational Technologies. Her master’s thesis was entitled “Arts in a Hispanic Community for Social Awareness in the Age of Technology”. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Endicott College in Mexico City. Her main area of study was psychology, especially it applied to traumatized children and how art could help them.

Alicia has demonstrated her commitment to our community by organizing after school art clubs in South Tampa, Lutz and West Tampa public schools. She has supported high school students with their grassroots organization of marches and protests against gun violence. Alicia continues to put her training and experience into action by mentoring children, offering them a place to display their artwork, teaching art to adults with disabilities and working as a volunteer art instructor in hospitals and public schools. In the past, she has conducted art classes for the homeless, provided art therapy for abused children, designed murals for children to paint and found a space for homeless children to use their creativity to express their hopes and dreams. By education, training and experience, Alicia understands and uses the power of art as a transformational force.

Alicia is running for this house seat to be a representative. On a daily basis she hears the concerns of her students, parents, friends and neighbors. Alicia hears their concerns about problems with education. She hears about lack of voice for her Latino community. She knows her community wants and needs well-paying jobs, educational opportunity, adequate health care and the other basics of life. Alicia is dedicated to getting out to know her community, listen to her people, and work with them to find solutions. She will do everything in her power to put those solutions into action.

Social Entrepreneur
As a business owner, herself, Alicia understands that community businesses and entrepreneurs are the engines of a strong local economy. They provide the goods, services and jobs necessary for a thriving community. But businesses don’t just pop up spontaneously. In order for a new business to open and succeed, we must have in place the ingredients for a successful business. We must have educated, healthy workers who live in safe, well-functioning communities. We must utilize the skills and labor of all of our citizens on an equal basis. We must have the necessary infrastructure for workers to get to work and employers to move their goods and services. Alicia knows that we can build a broad, diverse coalition of all our citizens, that will work together to ensure that these ingredients for success are in place.