Michael Sheldon

Office: Alaska State Senate District R (write-in)
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
Next Election: 2016
City: Petersburg
State: Alaska

I was Born and raised in Petersburg Alaska as a Tlingit native and my Dad and mother where born in Wrangell and Kake communities. I worked in the logging, fishing industries and and of present a handyman and vehicle detailer for the past 10 years.

I Michael Sheldon from Petersburg Alaska will be running against Bert Stedman in District R Alaska State Senate. I would have not run but when I heard that Governor Walker was taking half our dividend checks with the support of many Senators including Bert Stedman. I decided it's time to stand up and protect our future Alaska Permanent Fund (PFD) from being drained of funds in future years to come. Please support me in this move to take this Senate seat so I can help our Alaskan citizens future in Alaska with prosperity and hope that we can better our State for the good. THANK YOU, WRITE-IN MICHAEL SHELDON for DISTRICT R.

I am concerned over budget issues through the years that has resulted in over spending and caused a crises with a large deficit for Alaska. It's time to stop over spending and trim our Government but not to effect systems that have been setup to run efficiently as possible, such as the Alaska Marine High Way System, Schools, etc. Let's help build Alaska back to its potential and bring back a viable economy that will sustain itself down the road to the future.